24 thoughts on “Hot Footballers – Volume 2 : ITALY”

  1. non capisco come fanno a mettere GATTUSO, PERROTTA e IAQUINTA tra i giocatori italiani più belli…. c’è di meglio in italiaaaa!!! 🙂

  2. Camoranesi should be here too, not to mention about Inzaghi:)
    2:04 the hottest photo ever!!!!:) Generally Italian guys are just amazing;)

  3. 2:24 – 2:30 these 2 photos are my fav!
    And on the top of my list are:
    1 – Fabio Cannavaro
    2 – Gianluigi Buffon
    3 – Alessandro Del Piero

    PS Does anyone have this 2:27 photo of Gianluigi??? I’d love to have it but I can’t find it anywhere :)

  4. Certo l’unici belli qui so Totti e Borriello…..L’altri come fate a di belli e addirittura HOT——– Vergognaaaa

  5. I like it! and like the other user, I’ll my order!
    1. Marco Borriello
    2. Alberto Gilardino
    3. Dominico Crisito
    5. Del Piero
    Can’t wait for your next video I hope it’s Spain cuz they have sexy players!!

  6. Wow they are hot 😉

    i will leave my best ones again like i did with the Portugal one 😛

    1. Del Piero
    2. Cannavaro
    3. Quaglairella
    4. Totti
    5. Borriello

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