25 thoughts on “Hot Footballers – Volume 1 : PORTUGAL”

  1. Quaresma? He is seriously hot! So where is he? I have to say, my temp goes through the roof for Veloso! <3 

  2. LOL! I thought these were Portuguese players that were playing well, but in the middle of the vid i finally realized it was meant towards attractive Portuguese footballers. I feel gay now. =/

  3. Great video I didn’t know that Portugal had cute players! I like them all except cr7. can’t wait to see Spain!! =)

  4. wow :O
    i would be proud too!! he is the best goalkeeper!!

    well is Julio Cesar now though lol

  5. Woooooooow I love this video!!
    1. Figo the best!!!
    2. Miguel Veloso
    3. Joao Moutinho
    4. Sergio Conceicao
    5. Paulo Machado!!!!!


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