Fernando Torres performing good for AC Milan

Fernando Torres continues making underwhelming performances after having signed and joined Ac.Milan on August 31 of 2014, the Spanish forward has gone on to make 10 appearances for the Italian club but so far has only scored once.

The staff members of Ac.Milan and FilippoInzaghi have started losing faith in Fernando Torres and now he has turned into a substitute player more than anything as he has to settle with a few minutes on the pitch on certain matches.

The Spanish forward has now been linked with a move to the MLS as this could be his last chance to revive his career after having experienced such a downhill road of his career that he has gone through since leaving Liverpool a few years ago.

There was a point in time in the career of Fernando Torres where he was considered to be one of the best forwards in the world and this was during his time when he performed for the Premier League side Liverpool as he played alongside Steven Gerrard during some of the best years of his career but ever since he left Anfield, it’s been nothing but a disastrous ride for the Spanish player.

Making a move to the Italian League has so far, been a failure with only one goal scored for Ac.Milan. Maybe making a move to the MLS would see Fernando Torres returning to his golden days.

The best years of the career of Fernando Torres was seen during the time when he played as a lone striker where he would receive the ball from different teammates around the entire pitch and New England Revolution could be his best team to join if he does indeed decide to make a move to the MLS as New England Revolution usually utilize the formation of 4-2-3-1.