Curtin Aims To Improve Defence

After being introduced as the interim manager of Philadelphia Union, Jim Curtin has stated that he would like to immediately work upon the defence of the team in order to improve the results. It has been a poor start to the season for the club and they find themselves sitting outside the play-off places in the Eastern conference. They are just only a few points about the bottom of the table with the team having registered with just two wins in the last five matches. One of the reasons for their poor form has been the goals conceded.

Philadelphia have let in the second most number of goals in the league this season. Houston Dynamo have conceded 29 goals in 16 matches, while Philadelphia are not too far behind with 27 from the same number of matches. It is quite clear that difference is the major problem for the team and Curtin is looking to address this. One can expect a difference looking team in the upcoming matches, as the interim manager has stated that a 1-0 win is a much better proposition for the team rather than a 4-3 victory.

Curtin was part of the Chicago Fire defence during the early 2000s. It was an impeccable defence and he seems to have learnt a lot from it.

“Good teams win 1-0 games in this league. The teams that do that at the end of the year are the teams that are toward the top of the table – the Kansas Citys, the Salt Lakes. They grind out 1-0 results and they’re good in both boxes. The toughest thing is that there hasn’t been continuity. We’ve played different guys and whether it was injuries or different situations that had come up, we haven’t had a four that has been playing together. You have to play with each other game in and game out,” said Curtin.